Electrical muscle stimulation is a type of therapy modality used to accomplish various tasks.  If you have an injury or condition that causes pain or limited functional mobility, electrical stimulation maybe one part of your treatment plan.

There are different types of electrical stimulations to accomplish different tasks.  All of the following are available at our clinic.

  • TENS (Transcutaneus electrical neuromuscular stimulation): used at home to manage acute and chronic pain
  • NMES (Neuromuscular electrical muscle stimulation): uses an electrical current to cause either a single muscle or group of muscles to contract.  By placing electrodes on the skin in various locations can recruit the appropriate muscle fibers.  This is used to increase muscle function, promote blood flow to the area to assist in healing.  NMES can also be used to help decrease muscle spasms by tiring the muscle spasm, allowing it to relax.
  • IFC (Interferential current):  can also be used to decrease pain, decrease muscle spasm, and improve localized blood flow to the muscles or tissues.  It is often used to decrease low back pain and muscular spasms.